Intuitive Services

Crystal Healing

Do you feel tired, anxious, low, or perhaps stressed? Are you facing challenges in your relationships, whether at home or at work? Do you think you might have dependency issues, or simply feel emotionally drained?

Working on your ‘Universal’, ‘Physical’, and ‘Emotional’ self, I work intuitively to clear blockages, detox, realign and recharge your chakras, whilst helping you achieve balance through grounding and clearing. 

Applying my Reiki learning and deep knowledge of crystals, I connect with your energy, and the healing is intuitive therefore tailored to you – being received where it is most needed.

As an Intuitive, I work as directed to help clear what you may not be aware of. 


£75 per 60-Minute Session (I recommend a minimum course of 3 to have a lasting impact)

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Intuitive Guidance

Connecting with your energy and working psychically and mediumistically, I will connect with your “guides”: your spirit team, and any loved ones who may wish to come through, to help you to achieve clarity, comfort, peace, and focus in your life.

Always working ethically and responsibly, I will help you to recognise, acknowledge, and work through the ‘speed bumps’ you are currently facing, be they emotional, situational, or both.  Your reading will help you with the guidance you seek, allowing you to take the next steps in your journey with a positive mindset and outlook.


£85 per 60-Minute Reading (either in person or virtually)

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