Our Practitioners

Past Life HealerJilly Holland

I am an intuitive energy healer, engaging with my client psychically but also guided to what my client needs. Working with my client I tailor each healing session to their needs.

We often bring un-addressed issues through from past lives which can manifest themselves in either a physical or a mental way and I specialise in healing which helps release these challenges brought through. I can also identify karmic issues that need resolving and clearing in order to help my clients move forwards.

Intuitive Guide & Life MentorDenise Greene


I offer a range of clarity toolkit mentoring, healing and intuitive guidance services.

Intuitive Guidance connects with your energy and I work psychically and mediumistically, I will connect with your “guides”: your spirit team, and any loved ones who may wish to come through, to help you to achieve clarity, comfort, peace, and focus in your life.

Always working ethically and responsibly, I will help you to recognise, acknowledge, and work through the ‘speed bumps’ you are currently facing, be they emotional, situational, or both.  Your reading will help you with the guidance you seek, allowing you to take the next steps in your journey with a positive mindset and outlook.

Intuitive Energy HealerHannah Sparkes

Instagram: @the_whole_istic_coach

I’m Hannah, The Whole-Istic Coach.  I have been a nurse for 20 years, as well as well as a reiki practitioner, pranic healer, somatic work practitioner (using our inherent bodily wisdom to draw on emotional connections within the body to access our own deeper understanding of ourselves) and am an anxiety coach.  This eclectic mix of ‘traditional’ clinical background, along with deeper, felt experiences and understanding, all come together to allow me to work truly with you as a Whole Person.  

Working cognitively, psychically and spiritually, I offer intuitive energy healing – this energy work releases and heals emotional, mental and spiritual blockages.  After working with me, my clients tell me they feel a sense of peace, clarity and are back in alignment with themselves.

Havening Practitioner – Francesco Carco


I am a multi-disciplined integrative Life Coach and a Therapist. Specialised in treating complex traumas and PTSD. I also help people with Depression, Anxiety, Phobias and Fears. I help clients emotionally disconnect from negative past experiences. I support my clients’ development by removing self-limiting beliefs and support them with their future goals and desired outcomes.

Havening is a newer alternative therapy technique that incorporates distraction, touch, and eye movements. Its goal is to reduce anxiety and distress associated with negative memories. 

Reiki PractitionerKish Wilkinson


I am a Reiki practitioner with over 20 years’ experience of offering energy healing. I work intuitively listening to where your body wishes to direct the healing energy to help balance mind, body and spirit.

If you haven’t had any Reiki healing before, you’re truly lucky as you’re about to discover the ‘magic’ of energy work.  Through Reiki your body is able to tap into a universal energy and use it to help heal your physical body, emotions, stress as well as mind and spirit.  

It’s simple and non-invasive and wonderful at bringing a great sense of calm and relaxation.

Reflexology – Niki McGlynn


I’ve been a therapist for over twenty years, originally training as a homeopath, then subsequently as a reflexologist and a neurodevelopment therapist.  Neurodevelopment uses movement to change the structure of the brain, integrate retained primitive reflexes and improve executive function, behaviour, reduce anxiety and alleviate trauma, particularly in people who are neurodiverse. 

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and rebalancing therapy which uses targeted pressure on the feet to relax and rebalance, particularly effective for hormone related issues including stress and musculoskeletal problems.

Sound Bath PractitionerEllie Chandler


Sound baths are a meditative and healing session using sound from primarily Tibetan bowls, gongs and other sound instruments. During a sound bath you will lay down whilst the therapist plays the bowls and instruments for a minimum of 45 minutes. During this session the sound and vibrations from the bowls will allow you to enter a deep meditative state (similar to a state of sleeping).

 Whilst in this meditative state your body will identify potential imbalances then goes to work on healing or clearing them, bringing back balance to the mind and body.