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This is my story and the very core of Crystal Blue.

I lived as an introvert throughout my childhood, struggling to connect with others,  moving every three years and creating a state of heightened social anxiety for myself.

At 11 I was sent  to the UK to school, where I was bullied and where self-doubt started to creep in. This was the point at which, I realised my vulnerability and started to be challenged by my self-value.  At 16, we tragically and suddenly lost my Dad, which sent my life into turmoil and changed my perspective about the VALUE of life. Throughout my education I was told that I would not be good enough to achieve my goals, but I CHOSE to push forward.

Throughout my work life, I sought to prove my worth, resulting in setting up my own business, and reconnecting with my self-value during my work and marital life.  But, between 16 and 36 I had acquired labels of type 1 diabetes, endometriosis (where I was told I would not be able to have children), asthma, coeliac disease and hayfever.

At 36, I lost my Mother and best friend which became the turning point for me and my self-development journey began.  Stepping into my authentic self, managing the grief of my Mother, and the emotion and processes of a divorce, I had to work on maintaining a positive and healthy mindset. I also became a single Mum, having proved the prognosis of no children incorrect!

At age 40, having worked through the trauma of losing both parents and the various labels life had presented me with, I knew it was time to take control of what a precious gift life is, and to ensure I was living my best.  So I chose to push forward.

I knew at this point in my life, that my mind and body are connected and BOTH matter in equal measure. I started the journey of self-discovery, self-connection and care, hence my self-discovery journey started. I trusted that to truly live, is to be authentic.

Over time and through trial and error of various and different techniques, qualifying as a healer and learning to trust my intuition – I BUILT my toolkit.

My story continues as with covid, came more fully re-aligning life changes.  I was among the first to be struck down by it and spent several weeks and months recovering. I also became one of the first to be vaccinated due to the requirement of the part-time job I held when the vaccines first came out. This led to me also being one of the first for whom the vaccine has had a detrimental effect. I had to call on ALL my toolkit resources to get me through a period of 3 years where more labels were added to my list.  Long Covid, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Functional Neurological Disorder.

This led to the clear message that my lifestyle and work life needed to change.  I had to ensure I was fully living the self-care, self-belief and using the toolkit I share! Not ready to give up work fully, but drawn to help others living with some of the labels, or all that I have been given, led to Crystal Blue. I am an ambassador for the benefits of a positive mindset and know as well as trust that it can help others!  No matter what we each face in life, I share a practical, tangible and trustworthy toolkit to compliment the pharmaceutical that was once considered too ‘Woo Woo’ for many.

Crystal Blue believes in, represents and is an Ambassador for the Power of Your Positive Mind (we each have the ability to equip ourselves with techniques that allow us to choose to view life, its lessons and outcomes as POSITIVES.  Keeping a positive outlook rather than allowing the ‘negatives to drain us’ allows us to use our power in creating our mindset to life.)  As its founder this is my core belief and passion.

Managing the symptoms rather than the labels, I choose to remain powerful, recognising, accepting and loving the authentic me now.

If you want to push forward with your life, to create your toolkit and positive outlook, why not contact me, attend a retreat or an inspirational talk.

Success stories

Liz Clark

“I met Denise and struck an amazing connection. Very wise, very knowledgeable and extremely calm, putting you at ease immediately. With a little sensitive mentoring and sharing strategic ways to manage things in my life differently to how I had been conditioned, I have been able to literally turn things around so positively. Denise is my go to, a delight to work with and I’d encourage anyone who needs a lift or change of direction to explore the toolkit and Denise’s skillsets.”


I manage the ‘chatter’ in my mind, calm myself and achieve clear focus in my business and my home life using my toolkit!

Kish Wilkinson

”Denise’s approach to is so very different to anything I have come across before. It goes much deeper than a simple tick box coaching exercise. She takes time to listen and helps you see yourself in the ’round’ then helps you empower yourself to create a life that is truly in tune with you, using your own toolkit.

I wholeheartedly recommend Denise to anyone who would like to change their life for the better.”


I manage all the stresses, frustrations and the unexpected that life throws at me using my toolkit. I allow myself self-care plus love the authentic me – delivering for my business, work and home life. I LIVE and LOVE life!

Vicki Messenger, Coach for Women in Business

I have seen Denise on several occasions for all services she offers but in particular for ongoing 1:1 toolkit mentoring. What I love is that she is so accessible and relatable – she makes really intangible things tangible! She is both warm and professional at the same time, and goes above and beyond in terms of the service she provides.

I have felt lighter, happier, and more my authentic self.


100%, I feel calmer, lighter, more connected and motivated to focus on both my work and personal life goals.